Advanced Reproductive Concepts will be moving to Charlotte

Advanced Reproductive Concepts is happy to announce our impending relocation to Charlotte. Since arriving in the area, we have found that the majority of our patients are from Charlotte proper with a growing number from South Carolina. We will now be in the middle of the hospital complexes and office buildings surrounding the downtown hospitals.
Our phone number will be the same. The new address is:

     Midtown Medical Plaza
     1918 Randolph Rd., Ste. 210
     Charlotte, NC 28207

At ARC (Advanced Reproductive Concepts), we make your fertility journey easy. Beginning with your first call to us, we make it our goal to keep the lines of communication open.

We know you have busy lives so we do the work of walking you through the process of meeting you goal of parenthood. Teaching sessions are tailored to your specific needs.
With over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of fertility care, we can provide comprehensive and highly successful treatment.
We continually evaluate everything we do so we keep what is working and discard what doesn’t. Our promise to you is to never waste your time with testing or treatment that is not necessary for reaching our goal of you having a healthy baby.

Historically, we have offered multiple cycle IVF packages, however, changes in IVF have made these older package options obsolete. We are now going to offer discounts after the first IVF cycle. If you do a second cycle it will be discounted 15% and if you do a third, it will be discounted 25%.

This will be a retrieval with transfer OR freezing. If you do both there will be a separate charge for freezing. Normally, these discounts would only apply when each cycle was done in our center. As a special during this relaunch, we are offering the same deal for people who transfer to us after failing in another center. The discounts do not apply if you have delivered and are doing another cycle to have a second or third baby.

We had very good reception to our last frozen embryo transfer special. We are going to expand this and allow couples who have embryos in other centers to transfer their embryos to us and participate in the special pricing. We have a cryo transport tank so if the embryos are in a local lab, we can transfer them to our center at no charge. Price is $2500 and covers everything, not covered by insurance, other than drugs. We have had embryos flown in from all over the country so this can be arraigned if needed.

Of course, we continue to be a complete fertility resource diagnosing and treating female and male infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss.

Call for an appointment today. Here is our contact information:

     Telephone: 704-947-9000
     Fax: 704-992-1900



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