In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

We have proven our ability to achieve high rates of success. While doing so, we have also found ways of maintaining that success while keeping costs down.

Before proceeding we will give you the total cost of IVF. There will be no surprises. The only additional costs are drugs, anesthesia, and embryo freezing. We encourage you to look at our Two Cycle and Multicycle package description. These multiple cycle options are frequently similar to the cost of a single cycle at other centers.

IVF - 2016

Many things have changed in IVF over the last few years.

  • More than half of our cycles are now “freeze all” cycles with no fresh embryo transfer. This is because of the growing evidence that pregnancy rates are slightly higher with frozen embryo transfer and more importantly, pregnancy outcome is better with bigger babies and fewer complications for the mother.
  • We are also having more women bank embryos at a younger age to use later since pregnancy rate depends on the mother’s age at egg collection.  If a woman banks embryos at 32 and uses them at 40, her chance of delivery is that of a 32 year old which is about 3 times higher than delivery rate with fresh eggs from a 40 year old.
  • The third change is the growing number of couples that are doing embryo biopsy for genetic screening.  Genetic labs are helping to keep the costs down by offering various batching options as well as lower prices when there are fewer embryos.  With batching, blastocysts are biopsied at each cycle and shipped to the genetics lab which reports the results on each batch as they receive them.  If there are no normal embryos, or the couple wants to collect more normal embryos for later use, they continue to do IVF cycles and biopsies until they are satisfied with the number of normal embryos in storage.  Couples pay one basic fee for the first 8 biopsies and a smaller additional fee for each embryo over 8.  For couples only planning on doing one cycle, and expected to get a lower number of embryos, there is a lower price for fewer embryos done at one time.

These changes have inspired us to create new packages to allow couples more options with IVF. The choices can get complicated so don’t expect to come to a firm conclusion the first time you look over the options. We have created a chart to present the choices.

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If, after viewing the information here, you have more questions concerning the IVF program, please do not hesitate to contact our office. Our staff would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.





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