Animal Rescue


Animal Rescue

Advanced Reproductive has long been a supporter of animal rescue groups. Each month we contribute to groups that have little funding to keep their animals cared for and fed. Our entire family has rescue dogs and cats that share our homes and they have added so much to our lives. Each of our animals has his/her own interesting story as do so many other rescue animals. We would like to thank our wonderful patients who have also made these special animals their cause and have shared their wonderful stories with us.

Our co-manager Autumn Chandler has written grants in order to get funding for spay and neuter clinics and volunteers her time to help raise funds for rescues. She has fostered special needs dogs and found good homes for them after spending time getting them ready for their new homes. Autumn has traveled all the way to Kentucky to bring two rescues home that were not getting adopted.

We will be featuring those dogs in our stories as well. If you would like to share a story with us please give us a call and we will add your story to our page. Again thank all of you who have reached out to the endless number of animals out there that need us.

Meet Bradley, Dexter, and Brian

These handsome boys are from the same litter. They were born on a farm where they were unfortunately neglected and not fed properly. One of them was found chained under a tree. Fortunately, those days are behind them and the person responsible for their neglect, as well as the neglect of all the other animals there, has been asked to answer to the state. For those of you who know about English Setters, you will know what gentle and loving animals they are. We are so happy to have them in our lives. 


Bradley Dexter Brian 

Charlie was our first rescue. Our daughters were on a trip when they saw a dog weaving in and out of the heavy traffic on a major highway. They found a place to pull over and were able to get him to come to them. He was very skinny, covered with ticks and scratches, had no collar and had not been neutered. They notified a local shelter who took him in and told them that he would be put down in 5 days if someone did not adopt him. They called us and we asked the shelter to keep him until we got there to pick him up. It was a long trip but well worth it. They gave him his shots and neutered him and then we were able to bring him to his new forever home. Today Charlie is happy and healthy but stays very close. Those days he spent hungry and without shelter and love obviously had a huge impact. We are just glad our children were there for him and took the time from their vacation to see that he was safe.


Derby is a Kentucky dog as you might guess. While our younger daughter was going to graduate school there she noticed him in a shelter in a nearby town. When she went there to meet him they told her that someone just drove up in a truck and let him out at their door. He has a large scar around his mouth and nose and we can only guess that it was from a tight muzzle. Why someone would do that we just can't imagine. He is a sweet and gentle boy but does have lots of fears. Derby needs a lot of love and attention and loves to play with the other dogs. He certainly gets lots of love these days.