Optimize IVF Success


Factors that Optimize Your Chance of Success with IVF

1. Success rates are higher if the female partner is 39 years old or younger. Women over 40 are counseled on an individual basis so that they may have an accurate assessment of their chance of success. Our oldest patient to deliver with her own eggs was 44 years and 8 months old on the day of egg retrieval.

2. The female partner must have a normal uterus or identified host, and either one functioning ovary or an identified egg donor.

3. Hydrosalpinges (tubes filled with fluid) should be opened to drain, ligated, or removed. Pregnancy rates are lower and miscarriage rates higher if the hydrosalpinx is not treated.

4. All women attempting pregnancy must be taking prenatal vitamins before conception. This reduces the risk of major birth defects. There is an over 70% reduction in neurologic birth defects only in women who are taking the vitamins before conception. All other vitamins not prescribed by us must be stopped!

5. NO prescription or over-the-counter medication should be taken by either partner unless first reviewed by us.

6. No herbs for either partner.

7. A well-balanced diet and exercise are important when trying to conceive. See our healthy lifestyle page.