Words from our Patients


I spent 2-1/2 years trying to work with a large endocrinology clinic in an attempt to diagnose my “issue” with infertility and to enable me to become pregnant. I went through every step of the process, including the daily “cattle call”, which included sitting on the door step at 6:45 each morning so that I could be early in line to come through the office, provide blood samples, and then head to work. I took a full gamut of hormonal supplements, and came into the office about 3 times a week, where I saw a different doctor at almost every visit and felt the effects of the inconsistency and less than personable bed-side manner of doctors that I had no relationship with. At every visit, I found myself backtracking through my entire ordeal trying to help them understand what my “symptoms” were, what treatments I had gone through already, and what might be best in that new doctor’s opinion. It was an experience I would wish on no one…and finally left it…still not pregnant.

A friend of mine referred me to ARC. I went into this “engagement” with about as much skepticism as could be imagined. I didn’t trust anything or anyone. Dr Jutras, Mary, and Autumn were truly an answered prayer. I was able to talk to them in a consistent fashion, had a direct line to speak to Mary any time that I needed to, and after a quick series of visits, Dr Jutras was able to determine my options (or lack thereof), present me with the facts, and help me make the decisions necessary to begin the IVF process. I asked more questions than I’m sure they have ever encountered, and they were ALWAYS able to provide me with an answer that made sense…even when THEY became somewhat frustrated at MY skepticism! (-:

I owe so much to this team, and have 2 beautiful 3-year-olds that make me forever grateful. I was able to feel informed about every aspect of the process, had the facts I needed to make the critical decisions required for success, and was even humored and then humbled with respect when Dr Jutras was even able to predict the sex of my babies! (-: Now, not only do I have my two happy, healthy toddlers, but I have a new niece on the way, thanks to this amazing team!


Advanced Reproductive Concepts,

Wow, where do I begin…

I was devastated to learn I would have an extremely hard time conceiving a child. The odds were stacked against us.

My OBGYN recommended the best Fertility Specialist in Orlando, Dr. Jutras at A.R.C. From my very first appointment I felt hope. The best way to describe how I felt was to say it felt like home. In what is an uncomfortable and uneasy situation or process, I felt calm like I was in the right place. Dr. Jutras and his wife Mary were very good at explaining everything to us. They took every step to make sure we were comfortable and understood fully our options and what was next for us.

After going through 2 successful IVFs and having 2 successful pregnancies, I can look back and explain why they are so successful. Their bedside manner and professionalism is outstanding. The way they make you feel that you are their main priority is awesome. But the thing that makes them so successful (I believe) is because everything is "In house". They are the ones that handle everything. It is not sent to other labs or other doctors do not play a part in the process. They fully understand every molecule of the process. From start to finish they are there. I believe that Dr. Jutras is brilliant and a large part of their success rate is due to the fact that they retrieve, transfer and do everything in between.

It is not franchise run, or a big group with lots of doctors with many different hands handling the process or a cookie cutter operation. It is family run and you feel that difference. I truly thought of them as family through the process. My IVF worked the first time and I was blessed with twin boys. When I wanted another child they had relocated to North Carolina. I contacted them and said that I did not want anyone other than Dr. Jutras doing my next IVF. They had many patients that had already had successful pregnancies by getting ready in their home state and then flying in to NC for the IVF process. So I did just that. I flew up by myself and stayed for 8 days. It was the smartest decision that we ever made. I would not do it any other way.

Their success rate is extremely high. They are good at what they do and I think it speaks volumes that they have returning patients that fly in form out of state to do the process again. I have a friend that I told to go to Dr. Jutras and they did and had a successful pregnancy. When it was time to try again they too flew to NC to do it again and had a second successful pregnancy.

To top it off their fees and payment arrangements are the lowest of anyone around. It is less expensive and I feel your chances are greatly higher to go to Advanced Reproductive Concepts.

I can not truly express in a letter how grateful I am to them. How highly I think of them. How much I promote them to everyone that is having difficulties. There is no reason to go to any other Fertility Specialist in the country. Advanced Reproductive Concepts and Dr. Jutras are the best!!

Thank you Dr. Jutras and Mary for allowing me to have 3 precious angels. They are a gift from God given to us by YOU!

Love, P.B.

Sadler and Graceson are 10-1/2 and Harper is 4! My mom passed away 2 months before Harper was born and I am so blessed to have a little girl to complete our family!!

Thank you…..truly… Thank you!!!


Our experiences with Advanced Reproductive Concepts were nothing short of wonderful. Dr. Mark and Mary Jutras are professional and personable... they made us feel like their only patients! As travelling patients, we were so pleased with their consideration in working to accommodate our schedules. We remain grateful for the superior care we received, and for all of their assistance in making our dreams of a family, a reality! - Texas Patient

Hello, My name is Amy, and I am a very happy client with Advance Reproductive Concepts!! Thank you for allowing me to share my infertility journey with you.

It all began, I thought, with my husband. We KNEW he could not have children. We had no idea that I also had problems, however, numerous failed attempts at donor insemination is what initially led me to look into in-vitro fertilization. We knew we wanted a multi-cycle refund guarantee program, and in fact initially we had never even heard of ARC. We made our appointments elsewhere. At the first visit in that other clinic, I was billed double the amount they initially quoted me over the phone for an initial consult and exam. However I was willing to overlook that because I thought they were the only IVF clinic in the area; I told them to schedule my bloodwork. I never heard from them again - so basically I had wasted numerous hours of time, a full tank of gas, and over $500.

That's when a relative who lives across the country actually emailed to tell me about ARC!! Their reputation had spread that far, and he urged me to contact them for my infertility needs. At the very first appointment, I was instantly impressed. The office is small and intimate; the staff are warm and caring. Mary Jutras explained to me the exact process for in-vitro, and was willing to provide as much or as little information as I preferred to receive. She also explained to me that she and Doctor Mark Jutras were the only practitioners I would see for the duration of my care at ARC. Now, after ten years of infertility and undressing for more perfect strangers than I can even remember at this time, that one small detail was beyond priceless to me. I signed up for the refund program right away, and as the appointments progressed I knew I had chosen the right place. Rochelle knew my name from day 1, and was always warm and polite upon my entering the building. Mary was good at her job: always as gentle as possible in every procedure, and willing to take the time to thoroughly answer ANY question to my complete satisfaction. Doctor Jutras was not a constant presence at most appointments, instead devoting himself to providing absolute unfailing care to all of the precious embryos growing under his watchful eye - the same care I knew I could expect when it was time for MY little one to have her beginnings. When I did meet with him at several appointments, his knowledge and experience were obvious. I was relieved to know that THIS was the man who would be watching over my embryos; I KNEW that he would throw himself into their safety and survival, this is his utter and complete goal in life. (By the way, they were about $7,000 cheaper than the other practice... But I would have stayed with this clinic even if they were $7000 higher!!!)

My first attempt at IVF was not a success, however, the Jutras's assured me that this attempt's results had provided vital information for a switch-up in next cycle's medication profile. And they were absolutely correct - I really don't think that a less experienced facility could have used that information effectively, as they did. I got pregnant on my second round of in-vitro. After several weeks of close monitoring, I was released from their care. When I later began to experience problems in my pregnancy, my local small-town ER was unable to provide the specialized ultrasound testing I needed. They referred me elsewhere, to the tune of several thousand dollars. I called Mary late in the evening, and she told me to come in the very next day. ARC provided that in-depth ultrasound procedure for FREE. I was also completely impressed by Mary's constant availability by phone in the case of any type of problems - that's better service than I was able to find at any of my local OB clinics, for any price.

While my pregnancy did go on to have some difficulties, that is in no way a poor reflection of the care & services I received from ARC. I am an older mother, so yes, I had a preemie. But as you can see in the photo, she's absolutely PERFECT now!!! To say that I was happy with the care I received is a blatant understatement. If I wanted another child, I would not hesitate to go back to ARC.

After a horrific experience at a fertility clinic in NYC and four years of trying to conceive, I was fortunate enough to find Advanced Reproductive Concepts. From the very first visit I knew this experience would be different than the one I had in NYC. The waiting room was very private, you were not waiting with 30 other people and most importantly you were not just a name and a number. Dr Mark Jutras and Mary Todd-Jutras took the time to carefully explain every procedure and treated me with respect and kindness.

I did have a bump in the road in which we discovered that my eggs were not viable and the only option would be egg donation. While this was extremely disappointing, Dr. Mark Jutras and Mary quickly found me a donor that was a match and we began the process of IVF with a donor. They were very attentive and present for every procedure and took the time to carefully explain every aspect of the journey. It was apparent that they cared for me and did everything possible to make the process a success. They kept me updated on the status of my condition constantly and would even call me on a weekend with results.

In the end, I was so blessed to become pregnant with twins, which resulted in the healthy birth of my son and daughter. The care I was given by Advanced Reproductive Concepts was amazing. The practice is small, but as a result, you know everyone there and they are all truly wonderful human beings. I would highly recommend Advanced Reproductive Concepts. If you have had a negative experience somewhere else, find hope as well as results at Advanced Reproductive Concepts. - Twice Blessed

We cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us. There was a time that I believed that I would never have a baby. I am getting tears thinking of those times. You changed that all for us. You have helped make our dreams come true and for that I am forever grateful. You are our angels! - K and M