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As more and more women choose to delay childbearing for medical or personal reasons, egg freezing, or banking, has become a sought-after procedure. The latest egg-freezing techniques available at Advanced Reproductive Concepts in Charlotte, North Carolina, allow for safe and stable egg storage until you’re ready to proceed with a pregnancy. If you’re looking for a way to extend your reproductive opportunities, you can arrange your initial consultation with Dr. Mark Jutras by phone.

Egg Freezing

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Why should I consider egg freezing?

Egg freezing was originally developed to help women stricken with cancer who needed chemotherapy, which would put their fertility at risk. Banking their eggs before they began the potentially destructive treatment allowed these women to keep their reproductive options open and have children after they recovered.

Egg freezing is now open to everyone. Single women who haven’t connected with an appropriate partner or who want to pursue a career choose to bank their eggs in their late 20s or early 30s. Then, when their life circumstances change, they have a better chance of successfully achieving a pregnancy in their late 30s or 40s, when their natural fertility has declined with age.  

Women still opt for egg banking if they suffer from certain health conditions that lead to unusually rapid decreases in their fertility. The technique is most successful for women under 35. It’s important to plan ahead and seek counseling from a qualified medical professional, so make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Jutras.

What does the procedure involve?

After a couple of weeks of taking birth control pills to regulate your cycle, you take daily hormone injections to stimulate your ovaries over a period of approximately 10-12 days. This results in a batch of mature eggs that Dr. Jutras harvests from your ovaries via an ultrasound-guided needle. He then immediately cryopreserves (freezes) the eggs.

When you need the eggs for a pregnancy, Dr. Jutras can thaw and fertilize them to create embryos. For best results, he uses a technique called intracytoplasmic sperm injection, where he injects a single sperm directly into the egg. Dr. Jutras transfers one or two of the resulting embryos to the woman’s uterus, with every hope of achieving a successful pregnancy, although, as with any infertility treatment, there are no guarantees and individual results may vary.

Is egg freezing safe?

Over 5,000 babies have been born to date from frozen eggs. Studies show no increase in pregnancy complications or birth defects in comparison with the general population.  

How many eggs should I freeze?

This depends on your current health and age, and how many pregnancies you intend to have in later life. Most women need more than one freezing cycle to bank enough eggs, and older women require more cycles to produce a sufficient number. Dr. Jutras advises you on how many eggs you should aim to bank, and how many cycles of treatment you should expect to undergo.

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