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About 1 out of every 10 women who undergo tubal ligation end up regretting that decision. The good news is that tubal reversal is now possible with the help of the experienced reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialists at Advanced Reproductive Concepts. Charlotte, North Carolina area patients can now opt for either tubal reversal or IVF to have a chance at their long-desired baby.

Tubal Removal Q & A

Advanced Reproductive Concepts

Who is a candidate for tubal reversal?

Many patients who want a tubal reversal can meet the qualifications for the procedure. Advanced Reproductive Concepts patients should meet the following criteria to have a tubal reversal.

First, you must be 45 or younger. You should also have no severe medical diseases, illnesses, or conditions

Furthermore, you must have a BMI of 32 or less to qualify. However, please note that Advanced Reproductive Concepts will be expanding this particular qualification to include patients with BMI of up to 35 in the future.

Finally, your tubal method must be a standard tubal ligation. EssureĀ® hysteroscopic tubal and fimbrectomy aren't reversible. If you have one of these types of tubal, we can offer alternatives after reviewing your operative and pathology reports.

How much does tubal reversal cost?

Our team proudly offers one of the lowest tubal reversal prices in the country at this time. Currently, the total price for a tubal reversal is $5900, which includes the facility, anesthesia, and surgeon costs.

This price isn't guaranteed indefinitely, so please contact the Advanced Reproductive Concepts office to make sure it's still available.

How long is tubal reversal recovery?

Our doctors perform tubal reversal as an outpatient procedure. You can recover in the comfort and privacy of your own home. There is no restriction on activity after one week. Most women are back to full activity within two weeks

What if you want another child, but you don't want to undergo tubal reversal surgery?

Some patients decide they want another child, but they just don't want to undergo the tubal reversal surgery. In this case, we can help with IVF.

In fact, the reason that many women consider a tubal reversal is that they want a chance to have a baby of a certain sex. For example, women who already have boys often want the chance to have a girl and vice versa. Eighty percent of sex selection advocates opt for the female sex. IVF with sex selection offers you control over the baby's sex while allowing you to avoid the tubal reversal surgery.

Ready to learn more about tubal reversal or IVF? Please call us anytime. The Advanced Reproductive Concepts team is happy to help you achieve your dreams of having a new baby.